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Intouch Online Grading Codes

In an effort to help parents read gradebooks, a group of our teachers came together to examine the most commonly used grading codes in Intouch. A few codes were eliminated and a few were added. All teachers will be using the codes shown below. We hope the consistency of these revised codes will help you as you monitor your students’ grades. 

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

  • NHI - Assignment was not handed in and is required
  • IN - Assignment was turned in, but has not been graded
  • Blank - The assignment is in the gradebook but not due yet and not graded
  • ABS - Student was absent from class when collected, must make up work
  • EXC - Excused, won’t affect the grade
  • HB - Handed back to student, redo or fix any mistakes to meet standard (this code is used for work that is turned in but not satisfactory and occurs after the due date)
  • TBC - To be corrected by the students (this code is for work that is turned in before the due date, was corrected and returned; the student can redo for a better grade)
  • .01 - *denotes late turn in
  • .02 - *redone

* - These are not codes but instead are decimals that the teacher will attach to the students score. These will be used to assist with indentifying work habits that need to be addressed.

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